Become a satellite connectivity Professional by taking our Satcom training courses and certifications. These Courses are established on global standard for satellite communications skills, covering operation, installation and maintenance of VSAT, marine, and mobile/SNG satellite terminals, in addition to general and specialized satcom theory.

Students learn, practice, and are evaluated on their knowledge and skills with online, self-paced, interactive, simulator-driven training modules developed by SatProf, Inc..

Our expert instructors guide you through every facet of VSAT operations, from the most basic need-to-know information to the most up-to-date advances in VSAT technology.

Our courses and certifications offers higher Productivity and quality of work as it increases the competency, work quality and professionalism of your staff.

Satcom certifications are a globally accepted standard certifications and are the highest quality of education in the Satcom industry and allow you to be listed as a qualified professional in the Satcom database.

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